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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Powerful Matrices In F2P | Matrices Guide

Aside from Weapons, Matrices are one of the top things on your list for getting your character stronger.




One of the most daunting tasks, when  Free to Play, is how to come up with ways to efficiently farm or collect game items to make you stronger.

Other online games have dropped the ball on that department making players experience the game as it should be played locked under a paywall. That in turn discourages players from playing and in turn, forces the game to shut down or come up with another way to make the game more enticing.

With the tower of Fantasy, farming weapons and matrices could be fairly easy for free-to-play players. Provided, you know what or where to do your grind for these items.

Guide on How to Get Powerful Matrices for F2P in Tower of Fantasy

for today, let us talk about how to farm matrices. Matrices are chips that you slot into your weapons that give you bonus stats on your attacks, resistance, or your Health. When you have a set piece, they grant you additional effects or bonuses depending on the matrix rarity and how many sets you equip.

Where to farm matrices

To better your chance of getting good matrices, you would have to do the weekly game content.

Void rifts unlock every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Here, you start as a team to clear mobs and collect keys for you to unlock powerful bosses. The rewards for completing this have a chance of giving you Proof of Purchase, a random Purple Matrix or a Yellow Matrix. This event can be accessed three times per week.

Next is the Joint Operations. Completing them grants you chances of getting different kinds of matrices and gear. As you complete the levels, your chances of getting more rare matrices and gears would go up as well.

Another way is to complete chapter 7 on the wanderer’s log where upon completion you get a free SR set for Pepper. The set is a good base for your weapon as you farm for more powerful SSR chips. The matrices set gives you a good boost in weapon charge.

Completing the different game content also gives you matrices on some rewards but if you want to focus on collecting matrices, this here is the way to do it.

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