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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Omnium Beast Mount

Enhance your movement speed on land by unlocking this mount.




Tower of Fantasy has all types of vehicles and gadgets helpful in your exploration. There is the motorcycle that buffs your movement speed, the jetpack that enhances your jump and allows you to hover, and a jet board for traversing the sea. This guide will show you how to get one of those vehicles, the Omnium Beast Mount.

How to Get the Omnium Beast Mount in Tower of Fantasy

The Omnium Beast Mount is a bipedal mech vehicle that is used in traveling the world of Aida. You will need 3 parts to build it: the Cockpit, the Left Arm, and the Right Arm. Read on to learn where you can find each of these components.

Omnium Beast Cockpit Location

To get to the cockpit, first, you will need to teleport to the Spacerift: Signal Station Ruins. It is at the southwest teleporter found in the Banges Region.

Go to the left until you cross the island, where you can see an oil rig. Talk to the Hyena Guard, and pick the first option twice. Head to the Banges Dock waypoint.

Find the Lozwall the Port Guard, who will give you a code. Go back to the Hyena Guard at the oil rig. Pick the 3rd option twice to get inside the oil rig. Go up to the oil rig to obtain the cockpit.

Omnium Beast Left Arm Location

The next part can be found in the south of the Banges Region, specifically north of the waypoint. Inside of the bunker is the Left Arm; you need a passcode to open it. Enter the passcode 1647 into this time-gated chest to unlock and obtain the part.

Omnium Beast Right Arm Location

The last part can only be dropped by the Behemoth. The pictures above have all of the locations where it will spawn.

Collect all of the 3 parts to craft the Omnium Beast Mount. Good luck exploring!

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