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Tower of Fantasy: Fastest Reroll Route

Rerolling in Tower of Fantasy gives you a chance to reroll your character and have another shot at obtaining SSR weapons in the game.




With the reroll system in Tower of Fantasy, you can basically go back and start from scratch. However, the reason why you want to reroll in the first place is because you weren’t able to obtain SSR weapons in the game. That said, rerolling is a completely valid tactic, though it will take you a lot of time.

Luckily, there’s a way to reroll as quickly as possible and complete the process in just around 16 minutes. Let’s have a look at how you can do this.

Fastest Reroll Route in Tower of Fantasy

This strategy involves getting all of the Gold Nuclei you can find around the main quest area. To start, as soon as you start the game, go all the way forward and complete the tutorial. At this point, you want to ignore the monsters and just go past them.

After finishing the tutorial, we’re now on our way to the first Gold Nucleus. As you wait for Shirli to walk toward another NPC, go to the head part of the spaceship and grab your first Gold Nucleus.

Then, head over inside the spaceship where Shirli and Celine are. Speak with Celine to start a dialogue, after which you’ll then arrive at the character creation screen.

You can just skip this part, especially if you already have a preset. Talk to Celine again and then go down and talk to Palu. Ride the small drone outside and proceed to complete the quest.

Just follow the main quest until you reach the point where Shirli urges you to jump over the cliff and land on some huge mushroom caps.

Obtaining the Remaining Gold Nuclei

Here, you can find the second Gold Nucleus down on the river to the right side. Pick it up then head over to where Shirli is. Keep on following the main quest until you reach the part where Scrapper asks for your help.

You will find your third Gold Nucleus on the river but floating in the air. You just have to use your jetpack to get it. Later on, you will get into a fight that will reward you with 2 Gold Nuclei. The first one will be right before the fight while the second one is after defeating your enemies.

The game will then teach you the basics of using the gacha system to get a random Simulacrum. Purchase using Order x1 and equip the Simulacrum that you get. Follow the quest until you come across a building with a huge red sphere at the top.

Climb to the top of the building to find two Gold Nuclei: one inside a supply pod and the other floating in the air.

Once you have collected all Gold Nuclei, click on the gift box icon on the upper right part of your screen. Here, you can claim the reward which is 10 Gold Nuclei and one Vehicle Unlock item.

Also, click on Pioneer’s Gifts for even more rewards, including one Gold Nucleus. Lastly, click on the Milestone tab and claim the rewards for the milestones you completed.

After that, go back to Special Orders once more and try your luck at getting SSR weapons using your Gold Nuclei. You will have a guaranteed SR or SSR every 10 orders, so if you’re lucky enough, you can get an SSR weapon after that.

If not, simply reroll once more and follow this guide.

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