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Tower of Fantasy: Pan-Fried Salmon Recipe Guide

The Pan-Fried Salmon is one of the exclusive recipes that you can only learn during the Aida Café event.




The new Aida Café event is in full swing in Tower of Fantasy. This is a limited event that will run from September 14 to 28, and in this event, players will have the chance to serve customers their preferred food. At the same time, the event features 10 exclusive food recipes that you can’t get elsewhere.

One such recipe is the Pan-Fried Salmon, and in this guide, I’ll show you how you can make it.

Pan-Fried Salmon Recipe Guide in Tower of Fantasy

The Pan-Fried Salmon is the preferred food of Crow, Hilda, and Shiro. It provides 20 Satiety which is quite low, making it ideal for use in the event only. However, it’s the best food you can use to rack up points for the characters that were mentioned earlier.

But before you can serve the food, you first need to know its recipe. To make it, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 1x Salmon
  • 1x Honey
  • 13x Lettuce

As for the ingredients, you can obtain Salmon by either catching Lake Bass or defeating Sobek. For the Honey, you can find it in beehives around the map, with a number of them near Crimson Pillars. Lastly, you can get Lettuce near the Ring of Echos, though you can also find it across the map.

After gathering all ingredients, add them to the cooker, and start cooking. You should then get 1x Pan-Fried Salmon after that.

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