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Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock Traits | An Awakening System Guide

We’ll help you learn all the basics in Awakening your Simulacra.




Tower of Fantasy has many options that for beginning players might be difficult to understand. Let’s find out more about Traits and the Awakening System in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Unlock Traits in Tower of Fantasy: A Comprehensive Awakening System Guide for Simulacra

What is Awakening in Tower of Fantasy, and how does it relate to Simulacra?

This is the process by which you can improve and upgrade the Simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy. This functions sort of like a friend system in other MMORPGs – giving ‘gifts’ to these Simulacrum increases their affinity to you and can unlock certain traits or skills.

In Tower of Fantasy, the Simulacra functions as a system where players are able to play as particular characters by ‘creating’ a simulation of them, which is then projected by the main character (your character) in Tower of Fantasy. This can be thought of as the main character being some sort of A.I.

To ‘Awaken’ the Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, you must provide them with gifts – these can be obtained by purchasing ‘gift boxes’ from the Commissary. This is either done in the “Crystal Dust Store” or the “Points Store.”

There are also different ‘tiers’ of gift boxes that will give the Simulacra differing levels of Awakening Points.

Once you actually purchase a gift box (more on this in a second), you can go to your Backpack and ‘Use’ it to select a gift from that tier of what is available. Each gift with particular corresponding tags. To get the ‘most’ Awakening Points out of your gift, you have to match these corresponding tags to the preferred tags of the Simulacrum you’re gifting it to (choose the appropriate item, essentially).

Preferred gift will add a bonus of Awakening Points on each different ‘tier’ of gift.

That means:

Special Gifts” – 40 Awakening Points, or 60 if “Preferred.”

Fine Gifts” – 20 Awakening Points, or 30 if “Preferred.”

Small Gifts” – 10 Awakening Points, or 15 if “Preferred.”

After choosing your gift, you can ‘Use’ it from the backpack, or you can go specifically to the Simulacrum page and head to the Awaken menu. Then, pick the Simulacrum you’d like to give the gift to – this will raise their Awakening level. This is not to be confused with the main character progression system. This Awakening system only applies to Simulacra.

Once the Simulacrum reaches a certain level of Awakening Points, you can receive ‘rewards’ from the “Recollections Rewards.” So, this is essentially done by reaching a higher Awakening Level. This levelling system includes many cosmetic things, but more importantly also consists of ‘traits.’

The same rewards are assigned to any Simulacra – regardless of who it is, based on each level reached.

 This works out as:

Avatar” – 200 Points

Log” – 600 Points

Trait I” – 1,200 Points

Log” – 2,000 Points

Log” – 3,000 Points

Trait II” – 4,000 Points

Each Simulacra has two “traits” that can be unlocked by this progression system.

It should be noted that these two traits are actually one in the same (different for each Simulacrum) but just have better stats and multipliers (4,000 Points Reward vs. 1,200 Points Reward).

To determine the Simulacra’s preferred gift types, you can go to Awaken, select the Simulacra you want to Awaken, and choose ‘Gift’ to see the preferred gift types as well as current Awakening Points and the gifts you have in your Backpack.

The traits are essentially (passive) character buffs which can help beef up your Simulacrum. The only catch to this is that a Simulacrum’s trait can only be used when you’ve activated their Simulacrum. You can’t use the traits of other Simulacrum at the same time – so prioritize appropriately!

If you’re looking for easy daily gifts you can get without having to purchase them, Hopkin’s Mystery Box in the Black Market (Banges) will give you a randomized gift every day (once per day). It’s a good idea to make this a routine so you can rapidly advance your Simulacrum.

You can also score gifts from the Magic Claw Game on Cetus Island, which we previous looked at – this can be played up to three times per day to receive 3 Smarty Doll gifts.

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