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Tower of Fantasy: How Global Crew System Works | Crew System Guide

Crews are Tower of Fantasy’s version of guilds or clans that are present in most RPGs. However, this system does offer some unique mechanics that you can explore.




As with most MMORPGs, you can’t really take on all content in the game all by yourself. That is why you’ll need the help of multiple people and enlist yourself in a guild or clan. In Tower of Fantasy, there’s also a similar system in place, and this is called the crew system.

But how exactly does the global crew system in Tower of Fantasy work? Let’s find out below.

How Global Crew System Works | Crew System Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Before we begin, it’s worth noting that the game features Leaderboards that display the top performing players on a server. This will also give you an idea of which crews are doing well, what activities they’re mostly doing, and more.

The general idea behind the crew system is that you perform and complete various activities together with your crewmates. That said, here are some activities that crews can take on that grant some exciting rewards:

  • World Bosses – Depending on how active a crew is, it’s possible to do this activity on a daily basis. Defeating a world boss will reward the crew with a golden cache at the end which could contain stuff like SSR weapons, matrices, and more.
  • Weekly Quests – These quests will provide various rewards, particularly crew merit points, which you can use in a special crew shop that will contain a ton of goodies. This special will also level up as your crew levels up, thus granting you access to even more exclusive items.

Upgrading Your Crew

There are three aspects when it comes to upgrading your crew. There’s the base, the special crew shop, and the treasury. By upgrading your base, you’ll be able to increase the overall capacity of your crew, which simply means you can recruit even more players. This, in return, will allow your crew to do and finish more dailies which will translate to even more rewards.

As for the store, it’s a special shop where you can buy various items using crew merit points. You earn these points by completing daily and even weekly quests. Also, as mentioned earlier, you can upgrade this special shop in order to improve the items it has on sale.

Lastly, upgrading the treasury will grant gold and dark crystals to your entire crew every week. This is basically an allowance for all active members of the crew. Basically, think of the rewards as an incentive for all of the members’ participation in crew activities.

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