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Tower of Fantasy: How to Break Stone Wall Supply Pod

Use this relic to break the stone wall.




Tower of Fantasy just came out and players have already completed the tutorials and beginning missions. The game features a time-gate that will only allow players to access the second area the next day.

But it does not stop some of the players from reaching it using the jetpack trick. Once you have completed the missions, you can explore the first area and solve some puzzles. One of them is the Stone Wall with a supply pod inside. We are going to show you how to break this wall.

 How to Break Stone Wall Supply Pod in Tower of Fantasy

The game starts with you doing the tutorial, where you are taught about combat, exploration, cooking, and many more. It also shows you some of the puzzles found in the world.

One of these puzzles, the Stone Wall, rewards you with a black nucleus, a currency you can use to pull SR weapons from the game’s gacha.

Breaking the Stone Wall

To break the Stone Wall, you are going to need the Missile Barrage relic. You can get this relic by completing the Ruin A-01, a part of the story quest.

When you are inside the ruins there will be a triangle-shaped chest in the middle of the entrance. Inside it is the Missile Barrage Relic.

You are going to use this relic to pass through the areas in the ruins. As the name implies, this relic will release a barrage of missiles when in use. You may also equip it to fight mobs.

Go back to the Stone Wall and equip the Missile Barrage relic to break it, getting the supply pod inside.

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