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Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock Spacerift Eyrie

Do these to unlock the Spacerift.




Tower of Fantasy has just released its version 1.5. The new area, Artificial Island is now available, along with various events and mechanics. The latest character, Claudia, is also available. One of the Spacerift in Artificial Island is found in Eyrie, and we are going to show you how to unlock it.

How to Unlock Spacerift Eyrie in Tower of Fantasy

When you have unlocked Artificial Island by talking to Kolador in Tower of Fantasy, you are going to have a fun time exploring it.

If you have already fully explored the other regions in Aesperia, you can now get more Dark Crystal, Gold, and Black Nucleus in the new area. Artificial Island also has Spacerifts to unlock, and the one in Eyrie is found on top of a floating island.

Unlocking Spacerift: Eyrie

To reach Spacerift: Eyrie, you need to go to the Spacerift in Rusty Iron Camp. Go south close to the huge bones and climb up. Go up until you pass the broken pipe. Look straight down, and in the middle of the bones is a red portal. Enter the red portal.

The red portal is connected to the Spacerift: Eyrie. Intereact with the Spacerift to unlock it, allowing you to fast-travel. You can also find the new boss, the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon close to the area of the Spacerift. You can also manually climb to reach the Spacerift but it will be hard.

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