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Tower of Fantasy goes GLOBAL with EPIC Launch Events

Finally, since its first Official Launch in China in May of this year, Hotta Studios announces the Global release of Tower of Fantasy for android, IOS, and Pc on August 10.




The good news for those who have pre-registered for the game, there would be exclusive Milestone rewards waiting on the launch date, and for those who haven’t? Epic launch events are scheduled upon joining up on launch day.

Four Epic Launch Events are set for Tower of Fantasy Global

There would be a total of 4 Launch events that we know so far. The Pre-Registration Milestone, Starpath Navigation, Pioneers Gift, and the Nemesis Limited Cache.

Pre-Registration Milestone

Tower of Fantasy has over 3 million Pre-Registers. That means all 6 milestone rewards would be given in-game directly to your backpack. To activate the event, players must complete the “Ecological Station Intruders” the Main storyline for you to claim the rewards. Take note that the “Permanent Avatar” reward differs upon which platform you are playing on. (IOS, Android, or PC). The rewards also include 10 Gold Nucleus, 500 Dark Crystals,  and Jet Pack Paint “Orion”.

Starpath Navigation

The Starpath Navigation is a Permanent Event that lasts for 21 days after character creation. The rewards page would be unlocked upon completing the “Ecological Station Intruders” Main Storyline. During the event, complete the specified mission objectives to receive reward points.

As your reward points go higher, you would be able to unlock rewards according to the number of Points you have. The main reward that you should go for is the SSR Weapon box which would give you a big advantage as you progress through the game.

Pioneers Gift

Like the rest of the events, the rewards page unlocks upon completing character creation as well as the “Ecological Station Intruders” Main storyline. The rewards include 1 Nemesis Amplification Goggles, 1 Gold Nucleus, 5 SR Relic Shard Box, and 8,888 Gold to start you off in-game.

Nemesis Limited Cache

Finally, we have the Nemesis Limited Cache Event. During the event, players would have a higher chance of pulling the support Character Nemesis and her weapon venus. During the event, the player would be able to use the red nucleus to create special orders during the Forgiveness and Rebirth Limited order where the probability of pulling the limited weapon Venus would be greatly increased.

Special Vouchers could also be used to create special orders during Yesteryear’s Reconstruction Limited Order where the probability of pulling the support Character Nemesis is greatly increased.

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