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Tower of Fantasy: How to get Free Gifts Daily | Gift Guide

Who doesn’t want a free gift these days? Gifts contain materials or gear and even quest items that might become useful later on.




This particular gift comes from a quest in Banges. From what we gather, you could receive a random mystery gift here as you start and do your daily grind.

As you Log in every day, spend a few minutes to check this quest out and see what gift you would be receiving every day.

How to get Free Gifts Daily in Tower of Fantasy

First, you must head to Banges Region. The Black Market to be more specific. Here you should go meet Hopkins.

You start with a conversation where Hopkins asks you what he can do for you and eventually he would let you pick a mystery gift as a token of his gratitude for all his customers.

Look for Hopkins in the Black Market

He would then ask if you would want to try your luck and participate in the event. Choosing yes, lets you start the event.

There are 2 mysterious boxes around with a question mark printed on them. All you have to do is interact with one of them to select your pick.

Accept the event and pick your mystery box

When choosing one, the box will rattle a moment, and out comes your mystery gift. Afterward, you could claim your gift in the inventory and head on out.

Don’t forget to check on Hopkins again the following day.

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