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Tower of Fantasy: All Artificial Island Monsters Locations

The newest Artificial Island region which was added in update 1.5 of Tower of Fantasy introduces a handful of new monsters that are scattered all across the map.e




It’s safe to say that the new Artificial Island area in Tower of Fantasy’s 1.5 update is pretty massive. With new locations to explore and new stuff to collect, players will have several hours of new content to immerse themselves in.

Apart from those, the new region also features several new monsters that you can find in various locations. This guide will reveal to you where you can find all of those monsters.

All Artificial Island Monsters Locations in Tower of Fantasy

There are a total of 12 new monsters that you can encounter in various locations all throughout the new Artificial Island region. These monsters are as follows:


The Devourer is a new monster that you can encounter in the Ring Arena which is a bit north of the island. Specifically, you can find it at this location:

Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon

The next monster that you can find in the new region is the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon which is basically a flying mech dragon. You can find it on the platform at the top of Base Zero just a bit northeast of Eyrie.

Rust Philly

The third monster is Rust Philly, a monster that you can find not far from the dragon boss. Specifically, you can find it a bit south of Base Zero.

Type X Patrol Droid Lockdown

As the name suggests, you can find this monster patrolling near the area in Rusty Iron Camp.

Type S12 Security Droid Big Rat

Compared to the other monsters in this list, this one is a bit different as it spawns in several different locations. That said, here are all of its possible spawn points:

  • Just a bit north of Mine Base
  • Southeast of Ring Arena near the river
  • West of Eyrie right next to Island Stronghold
  • Near the Island Stronghold on the river of Sea Gate Passage
  • Inside the Rusty Iron Camp


Similar to the previous entry, Otto also spawns in five different locations which are as follows:

  • Southwest of Ring Arena across a small camp by the side of a crossroad
  • On the floating island which you can find southeast of Ring Arena
  • On another floating island east of Base Zero
  • On yet another floating island west of Mine Base
  • On a floating island northwest of Eyrie


Guanlong is a patrolling monster that you can find roaming around the middle area of the map, specifically on this location:


You can encounter three different types of Aberrants in the region. There’s the Angry Aberrant, the Bohemian Aberrant, and the Lazy Aberrant. They normally spawn in this area of the map with the animal head icon:

Silver Helmet and Raging Fire

The final monsters we have on this list are a pair which is Silver Helmet and Raging Fire. To find them, you first need to unlock Diurnal Islet. We have a guide that tells you what exactly you need to do in order to get to the area.

You can find them on the transmission device in Diurnal Islet.

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