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Tower of Fantasy: Best Build for Each Resonance | Resonance Guide | Tank, DPS, or Healer?

Resonance are passive buffs that your character enjoys when equipping weapons. Compared to other MMORPG games out there, what weapons you equip and what resonance you get sets your character class.




With the Global Launch barely a few days away, the Internet is buzzing with strategies and guides on how to better understand the gameplay mechanics. It’s a given that when a local game goes global, there are a lot of changes that would be made as it transitions to the world stage but initially, the core game mechanics usually stays the same or gets just minor tweaks.

Resonance Basics for DPS, Tank and Healer in Tower of Fantasy

Understanding the game mechanics is a priority, especially for free-to-play players. With pay-to-play, however, depending on how much you’re willing to spend on the game, you could just whale away through the game with a minimum effort and could most of the time solo through dungeons and raids.

Now, we shall be discussing Resonance, what you need to know about them and what roles they play in the team.

There are a total of 4 Resonance in the game, depending on what weapon you equip, these resonances activate and you a boost for a specific role you play in-game.

You could equip any of the resonances play roles not optimized for them but you’re going to have a hard time and would probably annoy your teammates. Say, you equip a DPS build and then proceed to do a tank role of blocking damage and luring, on tougher raids all you would achieve is waste a good amount of healing items and probably be the first to fall on the map.

The 4 battle Resonance are balanced build, fortitude, attack and benediction. Each build gives you passive perks and you get those by using 2 weapons that are of the same resonance.

The balance Resonance activates when you equip a weapon type for each resonance. So if you equip one weapon for benediction and one for attack then you would activate the balance resonance.

This gives you 5% final damage and damage reduction, shatter and healing effects boost by 20%. In team play, the perk gives you an additional 20% for final damage and damage reduction adding it to a total of 25%.

This build is okay when you are starting out or if you are still undecided on what role to play but overall it isn’t a build you want to focus on since the boost of damage reduction, final damage and healing is fairly low.

Fortitude Resonance, the TANKS of TOF

For the Tank build, you equip 2 defense weapons that let you activate the fortitude resonance perk which grants you 25% damage reduction, and 60% shatter which stuns the enemy for a few seconds and raises your aggro by 800% on team play, damage reduction from mobs increase by another 20% so overall you are looking at 45% damage reduction. A very handy perk on team play.

Your role as a tank would be to absorb damage and lure mobs and bosses into attacking you. If your play style is more of taking huge amounts of damage and strategically pinning mobs in place, this perk is right for you.

To be an effective tank in the game you must always look out for enemies who are out to damage your DPS and Healer, luring them to a spot far from your healer and timing your shatter skills is key here as well as knowing when to absorb damage and when to run away from it.

There are a fair amount of weapons that are best for the tank style and it all depends on how comfortable you are playing with them. I highly recommend Saki for her ability to pull mobs through her skill and she also activates lifesteal which makes her pretty durable and reliable as a tank. Then there’s Maria for her insane shatter skills that would leave mobs stunned most of the time And Huma for his damage reduction charge attacks.

For matrices I would recommend Zero because when you switch weapons he grants you a shield on 2 slots and on 4 slots while your shield is active, your teammates can do more damage on the enemies.

The Shiro matrices are also good especially at the start of the battle because they deal more damage and shatter when the enemy is at full health so it’s faster to whittle down enemies from the start, at 4 slots you have an additional damage perk that activates for 20 seconds. Meryl is also good, especially in a pinch, if you equip her in 2 slots she grants a shield that is equal to a percentage of your max hp total and it automatically activates when your health is 30%.

Attacker Resonance, the MASSIVE DAMAGE DEALERS

Next, there’s the attack resonance. To activate this perk, you have to equip 2 DPS weapon types. This perk gives you a 10% increase in the final damage. In team play, this further increases your final damage by 40% giving an overall final damage increase of 50%.

DPS dealers are what most players go for in almost every game. With their flashy moves and insane damage, it’s a really fun role to play. In team play, however, you have to find the right balance between when to spam that area of effect skills and when to maximize your damage. Usually, it’s to spam those skills on stunned or enemies with status effects or debuffs.

For this role especially in team play, you have to find the right time to go in and deal damage, stalking the area for a bit and when the Tank sets up the mobs, lunge in and deal as much damage until you wipe them out.

Usually, when dealing damage, especially with the boss, enemies would auto target you after a successful attack, or if the tank’s aggro hasn’t held the attention of the mobs so run towards your tank for him to lure them from you, wait for the set then damage again. Just be careful not to lure your mobs towards your healer since though, that’s a recipe for disaster.

For weapon recommendations, any weapon is fine as long as you master the timing on when to spam your skills and how high your enhancements are for the weapon.

As for matrices, go for matrices combinations that increase your damage overall, Tsubasa 4 slot is a good fit for this as it ups your damage by a good margin making you able to clear dungeons and raids much faster. Then there are Shiro 2 slots if you’re starting and don’t have any good matrices to put in, Samir 4 slots, and King 4 slots.

Benediction Resonance, the Healers of the Battlefield

Last on the list is the Benediction Resonance, please take note that all the Resonance titles are from the beta test server, they might get new names and maybe a few tweaks when this hits Global in a couple of days but the mechanics stay the same.

To activate the Benediction Resonance, you have to equip 2 support-type weapons. Doing so will grant you 100% increased healing. In team play, the effect is boosted further by 100% giving you a total of 200% increase in healing.

Like any support type role, your job is to heal your teammates and watch out that they don’t die. The usual ratio of attention for this is 80% focus on the tank and 20% on the DPS but sometimes, problems do happen where the mobs would focus their attention on the damage dealer so try to keep him alive until the tank the mobs back to himself or if you have the resurrect skill and are having a hard time, focus your healing on the tank and resurrect your DPS afterward.

Positioning is also a must for Healers so stay away from mobs and bosses in the map because you could easily get one shot by the boss or swarmbe ed by mobs.

Once you die,  your tank and DPS would soon follow especially if they can’t sustain the damage being dealt to them through healing items.

 Use your AoE damage skills sparingly especially if you have an ice element because it slows enemies down and would be much more manageable to aggro by the tank and be picked off later by the DPS. Remember, your role here is to support and heal, not to deal last-hit damage.

So if your playstyle is leaning much on support and staying out of harms way then this would be the perfect build for you. It might not be as flashy as an attacker or more reliable like the tank but healers are going to be in demand on World bosses in the future.

As for weapon recommendations, I would suggest Nemesis. She’s the first banner for the Global release and with the Nemesis event scheduled on launch then your chances of getting her is high and is a good support weapon plus she also does a decent amount of damage.

For matrices just focus on support matrices. Coco 2 slot is good because it increases your healing capability by a decent margin and at 4 slots she grants additional attack damage to your team after healing. Nemesis matrices are also good especially if you have a volt or electric damage dealer in the team.

Before we end this there are a lot of questions going around on how to increase healing for Benediction users. Is it to increase the physical damage or elemental damage? Just focus on upgrading your elemental damage and as the elemental damage goes up, so does the Heal effect.

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