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Tower of Fantasy: Best Gifts for Nemesis | Gift Guide

Show your love for Nemesis by giving her these gifts.




In Tower of Fantasy, the only limited character is Nemesis. You can either pull for her now or wait until her banner’s rerun. But you have to weigh your choices when pulling for Nemesis as it is not guaranteed that you can get her. Like all characters, you can also give her gifts to unlock her Awakening traits. We are going to show you what gifts are the best for her.

Best Gifts for Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy

Nemesis is an SSR character with Venus as her main weapon. She has the support tag and comes from the volt element. Her Volt Resonance buffs the volt damage of the user when equipping 2 or more volt weapons.

The following are the effects in her advancements:


Create 1 Electrode after using a skill or a discharge. This grants the user 5 stacks of healing chain, and unleashes another healing chain that heals nearby allies by 135% of your ATK


Weapon’s current base ATK growth is increased by 16%


Every 6 seconds, the summoned Electrode will unleash a Ring Lightning that deals damage equal to a maximum of 205% of your ATK in a target area


Weapon’s current base ATK growth is increased by 32%


Using the Pulse Lock skill increases your ATK by (5 + Number of Electrodes x 5)% for 25 seconds


2 Electrodes can be created, and summoning other Electrodes will replace the others

Giving Gifts to Nemesis

Giving gifts can get you Awakening Points, which are used to unlock Awakening traits and many more.

The following are the Awakening traits you can get for Nemesis:

  • Nemesis: Metamorphosis
  • Nemesis: Sublimation

Gifts can be obtained in the Shop found in the Commissary Icon. They have 3 rarities: Purple, Blue, and Green. The following are the best gifts for Nemesis:

  • Purple Gifts (+80 Awakening Points)
    • Angela Ornament
  • Blue Gifts (+30 Awakening Points)
    • Plush Toy
    • Taylor-Made Suit
    • Vitamin Pack
    • Cat Throw Pillow
    • Perfume Bottle
    • Tartarus Ornament
    • New Kalka Ornament
    • Moonrabbit Kit
  • Green Gifts (+15 Awakening Points)
    • Flower Bouquet
    • Wool Scarf
    • Nice Picture Frame
    • Potted Plants
    • Paper Pinwheel

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