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Tower of Fantasy: How to get the Quantum Cloak

There would be times that you would be in a bit of a tough spot when fighting mobs of enemies. and in this instance, running away successfully is your only option.




That’s what Quantum Cloak’s main function is for. To remove aggro and at the same time hide you as you slip away unnoticed.

If you don’t have this relic with you, now would be a good time to get them as we guide you on how to unlock an Invisibility skill through the Quantum Cloak.

How to Unlock the Quantum Cloak in Tower of Fantasy

Start by farming 20 pieces of Quantum Cloak Relic Shards from the “Queen of The World” Lucia. Her place is over by the Rose Garden. Repeatedly clear the dungeon until you have amassed those 20 shards.

Shards From Gifts

To speed things up for you, you could also gather the shards from gifts that were given as prizes at the Global Launch event. Just be sure to select the Quantum Cloak shard as your prize item

Claire’s Dream Machine

Another way to get these is through the Mini-Game at Claire’s Dream Machine. You get random relic shards here so getting a specific Quantum Cloak shard isn’t a guarantee.

Unlock the Quantum Cloak Relic

Once you have 20 pieces of shards, combine them in your inventory to get the Quantum Cloak. Then what is left to do would be to try it for yourself.

The Quantum Cloak sends you into the Quantum Realm for a short period of time. To put it simply, it hides you from enemies and is quite useful both for attack and defence.

When facing many enemies in the field, one of the best strategies is to go after the squishy enemies behind the formation. Usually, melee mobs are tougher while projectile-wielding enemies are easier to kill.

Activate the quantum cloak and sneak right where the softer enemies are formed, this way, you could clear ranged enemies first before focusing on tougher melee mobs where their attacks are easier to dodge

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