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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Home World | Artificial Island Guide

Getting the home world has many benefits.




Tower of Fantasy features a home world that is like a housing system in other games. It has facilities you can upgrade to get more resources. It even has a shop that sells strong SSR characters. We will show you how to get your own home world.

How to Get Home World in Tower of Fantasy

Source: Kyrios Yuudai

First, you must open the Artificial Islands with either of the following options:

  • Complete the main story all the way up to chapter 2
  • Reach a higher level than 55
  • Doing the Vera story that opens at level 14
Source: Kyrios Yuudai

Once you have accessed the Artificial Zone, you can now unlock your Home Island. You need either to:

  • Find 10 Developer logs
  • In the Chinese version, you can either be level 60 or 840 explorations on artificial island

Home Island in Tower of Fantasy

The home world is exclusive to you. Meaning, you are the only one that can go there, but don’t worry; you can also invite your friends.

Inside your little world are mobs that will drop resources you can then use to upgrade your facilities. These facilities also give out materials you can claim at a later time, and can be upgraded to the same level as your Command Center.

Additionally, there is a refinery that offers craftable SSRs, and a shop that resets weekly or monthly. You may need to spend resources found in your home world to buy from this special shop.

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