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Tower of Fantasy: Upcoming New Vehicles | How to Get the New Mounts

Prepare yourself for the mounts!




The 2.0 sneak peek video for Tower of Fantasy showed us new content that is coming to the game. We are going to have a new area, along with new mobs and bosses. New characters and mounts will also be introduced. This article focuses on the upcoming mounts.

Upcoming New Vehicles, How to Get the New Mounts in Tower of Fantasy

The Chinese server for Tower of Fantasy is months ahead of the global version, and we know that there are exclusive vehicles present in theirs. This can only mean one thing: they are going to release them soon!

From what we can see in the Chinese server, there are four mounts expected to be released in the 2.0 update.

Obtaining the Upcoming Mounts

There are 4 upcoming mounts, and you can obtain them with the following methods:

The Black Motorcycle

We don’t know its name yet, but this vehicle can be obtained when you reach 3-stars for Marc. Marc will be eventually a new character that will be included in Tower of Fantasy.

A Space Hovering Bike

You can obtain this bike from chests purchasable with Dark Crystals. It has many colors, similar to the color scheme of the characters found in the game.

Yellow Hoverbike

The yellow hoverbike we see in the video can be obtained by pulling from the new Gachapon Machine. It uses a new free currency.

Mecha Camel

This mount can be obtained the same manner as the current Summer Breeze event. You are going to buy the currency needed for the Gachapon Machine, and 1 draw costs 100 dark crystals. This vehicle can carry two players at the same time.

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