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Tower of Fantasy: Can You Change Your Gender

Character customization is an exciting feature in Tower of Fantasy, not only because you can customize your character however you want, but also because it lets you change its gender.




One of the exciting features of Tower of Fantasy is the ability to customize your character. This can range from its appearance and voice down to the outfit, etc. That said, one unique aspect of the game is that you can actually change your gender.

The question is, how? Well, this guide will show you how.

Can You Change Your Gender in Tower of Fantasy

Changing your character’s gender from male to female and vice-versa is actually pretty straightforward. To do so, you just have to head over to the Character screen. From there, click on the icon above your character’s avatar symbolizing its current sex.

After clicking on the icon, a prompt will appear confirming if you want to switch sex. Simply click OK and it’s done. However, you will no longer be able to change the appearance of your character. If you want to do that, you have to start from scratch.

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