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Tower of Fantasy: Flower in the Memory Guide

Do the side mission to get rewards.




In the game Tower of Fantasy, you need to level up to unlock some modes, such as the Normal difficulty for a ruin, upgrading the Suppressor, and many more. You can defeat enemies or open up chests to get EXP to grind levels. You can also do side missions. We are going to show you how to finish one of these side missions: the Flower in the Memory.

Flower in the Memory Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Side missions can be found anywhere on the map in Tower of Fantasy. They are indicated by a blue exclamation point icon on the map. Completing them will reward you with EXP, Gold, and others. The Flower in the Memory side mission can be unlocked in the Banges Region. Find the NPC called Zigg shown on the map.

Flower in the Memory Side Mission Walkthrough

This side mission will give two shards for the Spacetime Rift SSR Relic.

Follow these steps:

  • To begin this mission, talk to Zigg
  • Follow Zigg, he is going to narrate about the Ravager attack three years ago, and he will tell you all about it
  • Defeat two Hyena Sentries
  • Clear Front End of the Stronghold, defeat 4 enemies
  • Clear Last of the Stronghold, defeat 6 enemies, including a named enemy, Delta Mouse Jed
  • Zigg’s will bid his farewell. Go to him, he will be on top of the stronghold

He is going to tell you about Vanessa, the wife of Palu in Astera, and how he is going to find the culprit for the attack on the Ravager three years ago. After the conversation, the mission is completed and Zigg will give you the rewards.

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