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Tower of Fantasy: All Crown Mine Chronicles Location

Scenic Points are part of Tower of Fantasy’s Exploration Missions. Doing them not only familiarizes yourself with the area but also showcases the detailed world as well.




 In this Guide, we will show you all the Crown Mine Chronicles Locations to complete your exploration mission for this area.

Like most scenic locations, you should be prepared to use your jetpack to go to those hard-to-reach places as well as do a lot of climbing to take in the view.

All Crown Mine Chronicles in Tower of Fantasy

The First Location would be on a cliff overlooking the Lumina. It is by the Seaforth Dock on the left side of the shipwreck. It is right between the large bones and the recycling plant.

Miners Camp

The Miners camp is your next target. The scenic point location is on the wooden path close to where there are 2 guards by a gate on the right side of the Spacerift of the miners’ camp. This is a bit tricky and you are likely to miss it on your first try. So to keep things simple, the map coordinates for this are (192.3, 181.4).

Research Lab

The Scenic point for this is next to the huge tower southwest of the Omnium Tower.


The last  Scenic Point for you to complete the mission is the scenic point for Parliament. It is southwest of it on a side of a cliff next to Ruin D-01 southwest from the transport hub.

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