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Tower of Fantasy: All Free Redemption Codes on Release

The Tower of Fantasy is in full swing. While you do your daily grind, here are a few items to up your game.




 Redeem codes are one of the ways the developers show their appreciation for the massive support and following in their games. These are gifts that help you get stronger in-game and in some instances, give out limited items depending on the code event.

With Tower of Fantasy launching Globally with just a few minor hiccups, here is the list of Launch redemption codes that you might have overlooked.

All Free Redemption Codes in Tower of Fantasy

For you to redeem these codes, you must complete the tutorial and have unlocked the Simulacrum. If you have already done that then you’re all set.

Head on over to the Rewards Tab. From there, click on the redeem button. That should take you to a popup window where you input these codes to get their corresponding rewards.

TOF666 this code gives you, 8,888 Gold and one SR Relic Shard.

TOF888 grants you 8,888 Gold, 1Black Nucleus, and 10 crispy grilled fish.

ILOVETOF– gives you 1 Gold Nucleus and 5 weapon battery II.

Keep an eye for more redeem codes, usually, they’re scattered everywhere on the Internet. If you happen to miss some of them, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here at GamesFuze.

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