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Tower of Fantasy: How to Change Your Avatar

Unlocking Avatars in Tower of Fantasy isn’t just for show, it also unlocks traits that are useful while exploring the world.




Every avatar that you can unlock requires you to level them up to unlock traits and different cosmetics.

Today, we are going to show you how to unlock these avatars and level them up to acquire new traits and passives.

How to Change your Avatar in Tower of Fantasy

To start unlocking them, head over to your Simulcra feature from the menu. Here, select the awaken tab and select the character you want to unlock.

To get the Avatar, you have to awaken the Simulcra or weapons to 200 points. This will reward you with their avatars that you can then use for your account.

Give your Simulcra Gifts they Love to maximize points

Giving your selected character points to awaken them requires gifts. Select the gift tab to see the list of gifts you have available to give them. Just keep sending them gifts to reach 200 points to unlock their avatar.

Each character has specific gifts that boost their points. Giving them gifts they like would save you a lot of gifts to spend on the other characters you want to awaken.

Choosing the right type of gift for the right type of character is a must for you to optimize spending on your gifts.

Purchase gifts at the point shop or crystal dust shop

You can purchase gifts from the crystal dust and point store. Buy special gifts from this store and select the gift that your character likes. You can check these on the gift tab on the awaken page we opened earlier.

Don’t forget to give specific gifts for each so you won’t waste your gift points on the wrong character to awaken.

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How To

World of Warcraft: How to Craft Iskaaran Harpoon | Head and Pole Locations

Iskaaran Harpoon can be found in Iskaara, Azure Span





The Iskaaran harpoon is a Fishing Gear that allows players to catch exceptionally big lunkers. Its reagents are Harpoon Head and Wooden Pole. Players want to know where to craft and how to craft this weapon.

Luckily, this guide will teach you exactly where and how to craft Iskaaran Harpoon. Let’s go.

How to Craft Iskaaran Harpoon?

To craft the Iskaaran Harpoon, you will need the help of Tavio, the fishing gear crafter. He sells fishing gear, Fishing gear upgrades, and Fishing spots. 

Tavio can be located in Iskaara, Azure Span. It’s near the Brackenhide Hollow dungeon.

Under Fishing gear, you can see the Iskaaran Harpoon. The reagents required for it is a Wooden pole and a Harpoon head. You can check the box on the upper right to track the recipe even when you’ve closed the window.

Next to Tavio, is a blacksmith. You can craft the required items in that area.

Once you’ve crafted them, you can return to Tavio and craft the Iskaaran Harpoon. That’s all you need to craft Iskaaran Harpoon!

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