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Tower of Fantasy: Pulling Guide | Difference Between Banners, Red and Gold Nucleus

Before pulling for a character, know these first.




The global release of Tower of Fantasy has made an impact on the gaming community. Tons of new players are trying the game out with much excitement. Some have already pulled in the weapon banner while others are still waiting for other characters to join the game.

But if you are still contemplating if pulling now in the early stages of the game is worth it or not, do not worry. We are going to teach you all about the pulling and the banners in Tower of Fantasy to help you decide.

Pulling Guide in Tower of Defense

There are 3 banners in the game are as follow:

  • The banner that uses a Black Nucleus
  • The banner that uses a Gold Nucleus
  • The banner that uses a Red Nucleus

You can use Dark crystal to buy gold and red nucleus which cost 150. Read on to learn the differences between these three banners.

Difference Between Banners

Applying the pity system, the red and gold nucleus has a pity of 80; meaning, once you reach 80 pulls, the next one is a guaranteed SSR.

The only difference between red and gold is that the red nucleus is a time-limited banner. You cannot get the featured weapon or character in that banner again until it reruns.

Keep in mind that reaching 80 does not have a guaranteed featured character; you will only have a 50% chance of getting it. The pity of the gold does not reset even if you get an SSR, and will continue until you reach 80. The SSR characters in the gold nucleus banner are permanent.

The black nucleus has a low chance of giving an SSR weapon; it is only good for SR weapons. It also has no pity. That’s why it’s best you only use your Dark Crystal in the red nucleus banner.

Tower of Fantasy just came out and there are tons of rewards that will give gold nucleus. You can even get gold nucleus in some chests found in the overworld.

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