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Tower of Fantasy: How to Climb Eyrie

Do this trick to climb Eyrie.




The new area of Tower of Fantasy, Artificial Island, introduces the Home System, where you can build various structures in an area in island. You can also find the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon on a high place called the Eyrie. We are going to show you how to climb Eyrie.

How to Climb Eyrie in Tower of Fantasy

Eyrie is a place in the Tower of Fantasy that is suspended in the air. It is found on the Artificial Island. You can unlock Artificial Island by talking to Kolador in Banges Port after starting Chapter 2 in the main storyline and having reached level 50. When you reach the new area, you can finish the quest given by Kolador to unlock the Home System.

Eyrie can be climbed manually or by doing this trick.

Climbing Eyrie

You can climb Eyrie by doing the Infinite Stamina trick with the combination of the Jetpack and the Cybernetic Arm, but it can be quite tedious. When you fall down and run out of stamina, you are going to start all over again. But there is an easier trick to reach the top.

Proceed the Spacerift in Rusty Iron Camp, and go up the mountain where you can see a broken pipe. You need to pass the broken pipe and stand on the top of the mountain.

Face the area where you are going to see huge bones scattered around; in the middle of it is a red portal. Pass through the red portal so that you can reach Eyrie. Unlock the Spacerift to register it on your map.

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