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Tower of Fantasy: Best Character for Each Element | Element Guide

Choose what element to main and which characters are the best for each element.




Tower of Fantasy is an upcoming game that thousands of eager players are anticipating. Like Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy also has its elements. In this guide, we will show you what Elements are present in Tower of Fantasy, the Elements will suit your need, and which characters are the best in their respective Elements.

Each Element’s Best Character in Tower of Fantasy

In the upcoming release of the game, there are 4 elements: Physical, Fire, Ice, and Volt. Understanding each of them will help players in deciding which to use against an enemy.

Elements are designed to resonate or react with a particular element, meaning, they are either resistant or weak. Which is why it is advisable to at least main 2 Elements in your roster due to it.

Best Characters for Each Element

Physical Element does not have any additional effects besides their damage, but all physical element characters have the lowest cooldowns compared to other elements. You will have to look forward to the Physical Element characters Lyra, Mark, and Claudia.

Lyra has a Physical resonance that will increase physical attack damage by 20% when equipping 2 or more physical weapons.

Fire Element has a unique feature that burns the enemy and provides damage over time. The best characters to look forward to in the Fire Element are King, Cobalt B, and Ruby.

Ruby, like Lyra, also has a resonance called Flame Resonance that will give an increased flame attack damage by 20% when equipping 2 or more flame weapons.

The unique feature of the Ice Element is that receiving ice damage over time will freeze your enemy, making them unable to move for a short period.

The best character to save up for the Ice Element is Saki Fuwa. She also has Ice resonance that will give an increased 20% ice attack damage while equipping 2 or more ice weapons.

The last Element is the Volt Element, or thunder. The unique feature of thunder is paralyzing your opponent. Most Volt Element weapons have a massive area of effect that will also help paralyze the opponent quickly.

If you want to focus on the Volt Element, the best character is Nemesis. She has a Volt resonance which increases Volt attack by 20% when equipping 2 Volt Weapons. Increasing your gear will also increase your elemental attack.

There is another element called Aberration, but it will not be added to the upcoming global release of the game. Breaking your opponent’s shield will easily inflict the Burn, Freeze, and Paralyze status.

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