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Tower of Fantasy: All SSR Character Skills Guide | Which Character to Use

There are plenty of characters in Tower of Fantasy, but it’s the SSR characters who are considered to be among the strongest in the game.




In Tower of Fantasy, characters are referred to as Simulacra which is basically the representation of the characters you can find in the game. Each of them has its own weapon as well as an optional passive effect. Apart from that, they are also classified into SSR and SR characters.

SSR characters are basically the strongest characters in the game. Let’s have a look at who they are and what their skills are.

All SSR Character Skills Guide in Tower of Fantasy

There’s a total of 10 SSR characters in the game, at least in the global version. There are way more if we are to add the Chinese version of the game, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll just focus on the global version. They are as follows:


Meryl boasts of outstanding combat skills which allow her to take on even the most dangerous missions with ease. She uses the Rosy Edge that lets her freeze enemies for a few seconds and then deal additional damage to them when breaking the ice shell.

Her skill is called Blizzard where she swings her sword to create sword auras that lunge forward. Each of these auras will deal a decent amount of damage and increases the damage a target receives for each hit. This also provides her with crowd control immunity when active.


Samir is an excellent gunslinger who wields Dual EM Stars to deal devastating damage to her targets. Her skill is called Electro Field where she fires an energy field at a target location. This will cause a decent amount of damage and launch targets into the air with the last hit.


Just like Meryl, Tsubasa also uses a weapon that freezes enemies for a few seconds. However, hers is a ranged weapon known as the Icewind Arrow. Her main skill is Piercing arrows where she backflips and then fires 3 piercing arrows at the target.

The main arrow will deal major damage while the other two will deal a portion of the main arrow’s damage.

Apart from that, the arrows will knock back their target and even stun them for 5 seconds in the event they get knocked back to an obstacle.


Shiro is a sea lover who uses a chakram named Chakram of the Seas for combat. Attacks from this weapon will make targets grievous for a few seconds which basically lets them take more damage from your attacks.

Her Full Bloom skill creates a Chakram Domain around her which then fires off a bunch of chakrams that bounce between enemies inside the domain. The effect lasts for 8 seconds while each chakram can bounce up to 5 times.

Coco Ritter

Coco Ritter plays as a support and specializes in providing backup to her allies with the help of her healing abilities. Her weapon Absolute Zero also freezes enemies for a few seconds, but its main selling point is the Sanctuary skill.

Basically, this skill creates a healing zone that will move alongside Coco Ritter. Allies who are inside the zone’s AOE will receive healing every 0.5 seconds for a duration of 6 seconds.


Crow is a quick and powerful assassin who uses the Thunderblades to execute his enemies at lightning speeds. When fully charged, his weapon can paralyze its target for a second and then electrify it, removing the effects of all buffs for 6 seconds.

Meanwhile, his Returning Blades skill causes him to fire 6 returning blades that deal decent damage each. Apart from that, he also gains hyperbody for 8 seconds, allowing him to become immune to all crowd control effects within that duration.


As the captain and commander of all heroes, Claudia is no doubt strong and powerful. She uses the Guren Blade weapon which causes her targets to take more damage for a few seconds when hit.

Meanwhile, her Roam skill allows her to perform an omnislash within a medium AOE, dealing decent damage to a maximum of 5 targets. She will then slash the space in front of her at the very end which knocks targets hit by the slash. This also provides her crowd control immunity when performing the skill.


King is a strong and powerful character who uses the Scythe of the Crow weapon that can ignite enemies when fully charged. His Mortal Coil skill is fairly simple but undoubtedly effective. Basically, he swings his scythe in front of enemies to deal massive amounts of damage.


Zero is a sharp and witty character who uses the Negating Cube weapon which also sets targets on fire. He’s a support character who uses the Omnium Shield to create a protective barrier for him and his allies. This barrier is capable of blocking a substantial amount of damage for 10 seconds.


Huma takes on the role of a defensive character with her Molten Shield V2 weapon. She has a pretty unique mechanic in that she can freely switch the form of her weapon between a shield and an axe. Her Fission skill also has a different effect depending on which weapon form you use upon activation.

When using the shield, she will switch the weapon to the axe to smash the ground and deal heavy damage in front of her. This will also knock the target up into the air and leave a burning ground effect that burns enemies inside of it.

Meanwhile, when using the axe, she will switch the weapon to the shield and then slams it to the ground to deal damage. This will also knock back the target and prevent it from switching weapons for a few seconds.

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