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Tower of Fantasy: Type X Patrol Droid

Monster Hunt Achievements sets you out into the World to defeat a specific type of enemy to get you rewards.




The Artificial Island is now unlocked in the latest update of Tower of Fantasy. with it, comes new monsters to defeat, new areas to explore and new quest missions to do.

While exploring the latest area in the game, you might want to look out for new monsters to defeat to complete your monster hunt quest achievement.

In this guide, we will show you where to find one of the tougher enemies to defeat, the Type X Droid. Defeating it once would grant you the Lockdown Achievement in Tower of Fantasy.

Type X Patrol Droid in Tower of Fantasy

The Type X Droid spawns at one of the Island Strongholds in the area, the Mine Base in Artificial Island. The base is located to the left of Mount Sandy. Search for it there and be prepared for a tough fight.

Since mob level scales with yours, every world encounter will have a bit of difficulty but would be doable. This doesn’t count for world bosses in the area, those are really tough to beat unless you have a pretty good team with you.

Lockdown Companions

The Type X Patrol Droid is usually accompanied by three or four Ravager Assaulter Elites. They will have slightly higher stats than the normal Ravager Mobs but would pose little threat as long as you stay out of their knockback attacks.

Getting hit by one of those attacks can disrupt your combos that will leave you open to the other Elite attacks not to mention Type X’s AoE damaging skills.

Battle Strategy

When engaging them, focus on defeating Type X’s companions first. Use your high-damage weapon first and try to whittle down their Hp before they get the chance to activate shields.

When all three or four Elites are close to dying, switch to your tank weapon to take huge chunks of the shield bar from the boss. Once he is affected by shatter, switch to your attack weapons and deal massive damage to the enemy.

If you time this right, all the elites would be disposed of off as soon as you shatter Type X’s Shield, leaving him vulnerable to high attack damage.

Try to do perfect dodge as much as possible

Time your dodges right before your enemy unleashes his skills to activate perfect dodge. If you set your dodges while he still has some shield left. Use your tank weapons to break the shield as soon as you can.

This will stun the enemy and give you precious time to land those high damage output hits and skills. Save those tank weapon discharges for breaking shields and attack weapon discharges to deal damage.

In between stuns, equip your support weapon if you are carrying those in your weapon composition to store skill charges for your weapons and then switch to the appropriate weapon when you attack.

Lockdown Attack pattern

Depending on your damage output, you will be able to defeat Type X Patrol Droid by shattering his shield four or five times. His main attack will be his machine gun so evade those by dodging left or right since his hitbox will be focused straight ahead.

Things to Avoid

When attacking him from behind, he will sometimes launch himself in the air and stomp down with an area attack. Time your dodge when the attack indicator hits red to get the perfect dodge.

Defeating him will give you the Lockdown Achievement as well as a few extra rewards if he is a requirement on your daily bounty mission.

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