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Tower of Fantasy: Sound-Tracing System Activated | Warren Puzzle Guide

Do these things to complete the puzzle.




In Tower of Fantasy, you can interact with objects on the map. Some are flowers that need a core to give rewards, while others are pits that need to be burned down to get the item inside. There are also sound-related puzzles. One of these is the Sound-Tracing System in the Warren Region. We are going to show you how to solve it to get the reward.

Sound-Tracing System Activated in Tower of Fantasy

In the Warren Region in Tower of Fantasy, you can get Radiation if your levels are still low. To counter its effect, you must have an upgraded Suppressor, and the only way to do this is by grinding for levels. This puzzle is located above the Saag Passage, where you will need to find three components to activate it.

Activating the Sound-Tracing System

The Sound-Tracing System is a pillar that can be interacted with to obtain rewards. The goal is simple: you are going to find three module shards to complete it. Each time you activate the device, a sound will be heard. The closer you are to a shard, the louder it becomes.

The first Module Shard can be found North of the Sound-Tracing System. Climb up the elevation, then go straight until you find a Weight Module Co-Challenge located between two trees.

The second Module Shard is in the Southeast, inside a tent. You can find the shard on one of the pillars that hold the tent.

The last Module Shard is located below the cliff. There is a huge rock on the left side. Jump off from it, and below you will find the last shard.

Every time you get a shard, you must go back to the Sound-Tracing System and insert the shard. After inserting the last shard, activate the device and a Gold Nucleus will spawn on top of the device.

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