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Tower of Fantasy: What to Do After Level 60

Things you should do once you reach Level 60 in Tower of Fantasy.




Tower of Fantasy is by no means over when you finish the story and reached its max level cap of 60. This is just the first phase and we might have to wait for a few more weeks for the second massive update that will bring new content, and new areas to explore.

One thing that you should also note is the level cap increases by 1 every 2 days so, in a few weeks, the level cap should be at Level 70.

While waiting for the next phase of the game, you might want to do some things to prepare yourself for things to come.

In this guide, we will show you what things you should do after reaching level 60 in Tower of Fantasy Global.

What to Do After level 60 in Tower of Fantasy

if you have started the game and have been playing it every day efficiently, chances are you are up to level 58 to 60 by now. Maxing your level out will at least set you up for the next phase of the game and all you need to do now is a few key things to make your character stronger.

Upgrade your Core Weapons to 120

By now, you already have an idea of what weapon combinations you will be using until the end game. Now will be a good time to upgrade your 3 core weapons to their maximum level of 120.

Do tasks related to acquiring those much-needed upgrade materials and prioritize maxing at least 3 weapons first.

Upgrade your Core Matrices

After the weapons, your next mission would be to upgrade your core matrices. Focus on your gold set matrices first and save those upgrade materials for when you get gold set matrices for you to slot into your weapons.

Farm for Gears and Matrices on Difficulty 7 Joint Operations

When you reach level 60, you will then be able to play Joint Operations on Difficulty 7. Once Joint Operation becomes available on Wednesday and Sunday, you have to farm in that level for much-needed gold gear and matrix drops.

you also need to do the Interstellar Exploration if you can do these in 3 Stars. If you haven’t reached that level yet, you can also focus on Dimensional Trials when you have the extra vitality for it.

Do the Wormhole Challenge in Ursa Major

At Level 60, the Wormhole Challenge for Ursa Major Will be Unlocked and you have to do these when they become available to farm good loot in the challenges. The recommended CS for this challenge can be daunting when you first inspect it but you will be going in and doing these challenges with different buffs while doing these Wormholes.

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