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Tower of Fantasy: Hidden Dark Crystal Locations You Might Have Missed

Dark crystals are one of the currencies you can use to buy items in the item store. You can get them from various sources, with some being hidden that you’ll need to do a bit of digging.




Naturally, you can get Dark Crystals from various sources, with one being through the Cash Shop where you convert Tanium to get them. Other sources include the daily sign-ins, doing crew-related tasks, completing objectives in the Adventure menu, and more.

However, there are actually two hidden methods you can use to obtain even more Dark Crystals. Let’s find out what these are.

Hidden Dark Crystal Locations You Might Have Missed in Tower of Fantasy

While the game does offer hints as to where you can get Dark Crystals, there are actually two methods you might have missed.

First is the Boss Gallery section which you can find in the Void Rifts section in the Challenge tab under the Adventure menu. Once the Void Rifts window appears, simply click on the Boss option with the magnifying glass icon to browse the gallery.

Here, you can find a gallery showing the bosses you have encountered and killed. Each bosses that you have killed will grant you a one-time reward of Dark Crystals. However, only the bosses you have encountered will appear in the gallery. To make them appear in the gallery, you have to go out there and find them.

Also, there a bunch of bosses in here which simply means more Dark Crystals for you to earn.

The other method is via the Cooking menu. All you need to do is go to your cooking pot and click on the Creation menu. Then, click on the icon in the upper right portion. This will show you all of the recipes you have discovered.

Simply click on each recipe present to get Dark Crystals. As there are lots of recipes to discover out there, that means a lot of extra Dark Crystals to earn.

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