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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Gold and Black Nucleus Other Than Chests




Let’s get one thing straight from the start, chests are the best way to get Nucleus, but they are rare to find. However, there is an alternative that will allow you to farm Gold and Black Nucleus by doing certain things across the map.

In today’s article, we will take a look at all the different ways you get gold and black nucleus other than chests.

Dandelion Plant

Once you see a dandelion plant on the map make sure to stop since this is one of the easiest ways to obtain a black nucleus. In order to get the nucleus from the plant, all you need to do is hit it, and once the seeds start to float, use your ranged attacks or jump and hit the one with a black center in order to get the nucleus.

Small Red Plants

Across the map, you’ll encounter small plants that can give you a nucleus. All you need to do is find the fire slimes around it, grab them, and throw them towards the plant.

Or if you have a fire weapon, you can use your fire attacks on the plants to get the nucleus.

Big Blue Flowers

The same process goes for the big blue flowers that have sort of like testicles coming out of them. Usually, you can find blue orbs that should be thrown inside the flower.

Once you throw these orbs, the plant will spit out a Gold Nucleus.

Cave Rocks

Around the map, you’ll find small rock piles that look like a small cave. In order to obtain the nucleus from this rocks, all you need to do is use your fire attacks to hit them or find a fire slime nearby that can be thrown at them.

Once you do this you’ll obtain the nucleus.

In the Trees

As you travel from one place to another, keep your eyes peeled for the trees since they can hide a nucleus on the top. Once you nocie that a tree has a glowing ball on the top, all you need to do is climb the tree and obtain the nucleus.

Follow the Crab Machines

In some places, there will be crab-looking machines that will run away from you. However, these machines are directing you to a place where you can obtain a nucleus.

So, once you notice these orange floating machines, follow them until you reach a spot where an NPC will hand you over the nucleus.

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