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Tower of Fantasy: How to Break Red Rock Crystals

Here’s How to Gather Red Rock Crystals – an important resource in ‘Tower of Fantasy’ for a side mission and upgrades.




Players of Tower of Fantasy who reach the ‘Fix Omnium Guard’ questline are probably familiar with Alfred requiring crystals to be gathered – these crystals can also be used as a resource for upgrades to your weapon.

However, it can be difficult at first to determine where exactly to find these crystals and how to break them, especially for novices. But, no worries – you’ll find these crystals throughout, and often along the area surrounding Barrenstown.

Once you’ve located them, you need to be able to break them up.

How to Break Up Red Rock Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

You’ll come across various types of crystal formations that resemble the block above – you’re going to want to attack them. Straight-forward enough? Well, the color of the crystal determines how exactly you need to break it.

In this case, we’re referring to ‘red rock’ crystals.

Red’ crystals require a ‘Fire’ weapon to break, while a purple-colored crystal, for example, would require a ‘Volt’ weapon.

If you aren’t using the right element type, the crystals will not take any damage or be destroyed. Elemental crystal ore, like the red rock crystals, takes five hits to be destroyed.

What Can I Use the Red Rock Crystals For?

If you’re looking for crystals solely to complete the side mission for Alfred, you need to break up ten total crystal formations.

After you break up each crystal ore, you gain one crystal and some elemental stone.

At the same time, these crystals can be utilized and harvested to upgrade your weapon and equipment, as they drop weapon consumables. The red rock crystals drop ‘Firecores,’ while the purple ones drop ‘Magcores.’ Firecore can help you “augment” your fire elemental weapons in the same menu as where you’d normally enhance your weapon. – and you’ll need them. Farm away!

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