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Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Thela | Location Guide

Here is where to find Thela




One of the must-have tasks in the Tower of Fantasy franchise is to kill all the enemies that get in your way. For example, one of them is Thela and Disciple Enurgels. But, to do that first you have to find where they are hiding.

How to find Thela’s location in Tower of Fantasy

Exploring the world of Aida is a very exciting, but also dangerous adventure. Of course, you always have to be on your guard because you never know who is lurking around the corner.

Enemies are found everywhere, sometimes they are alone, and sometimes they are within factions, for example Heris of Aida or Hyenas.

Thela And Disciple Enurgles are a special kind of danger, but if you manage to find and eventually kill them, you’ll be rewarded. Very well rewarded, one might say.

The first task on this mission is to go to Warren Snowfield (you can see this yellow arrow in the picture at the beginning of the article – this is the exact location of Thela and Disciple Enurgles).

What to do once you go to Thela and Disciple Enurgles location

Now, it’s showtime! When you kill a unique monster in Tower of Fantasy, you can win really valuable prizes and perks for your character. For example, you can win 10 Dark Crystals Per achievement, so don’t wait long to kill these creatures.

Once you find yourself in the Warren Snowfield location, you will see a deep trench on your right. You need to jump down into a deep trench where you will successfully find your enemies. Besides Thela and Disciple Enurgles, you will find different enemies, and it’s up to you if you want to kill them all.

Of course, if your character is strong enough and equipped enough for this fight, killing Thela and Disciple Enurgles will be an extremely easy task for you. Just wait for the rewards for your achievement, your quest for monsters will pay off.

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