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Tower of Fantasy: Outer Islands List of Targets Locations

Explore the outer islands of the Artificial Island and spot all the target locations.




The Tower of Fantasy is a strategic fighting MMORPG that needs your map awareness aside from all the fighting skills and upgrades. The map wis essential especially in these types of games because Tower of Fantasy is particular with traveling and exploration. You are probably wondering what you can explore in here.

In fact, there are lost of things to be discovered here. As you travel across the map, you can earn items and collect materials. These are used especially for quests. Aside from that, you can also encounter different enemy targets. Dealing with these enemies will greatly help you in leveling up.

In this guide, we will reveal all the locations of outer island targets.

Outer Islands List of Targets Location in Tower of Fantasy

Aside from being part of quests, dealing with enemy targets also grant you some rewards after defeating them. Since these enemies are not just the common type that you can take down with just some few attacks, the rewards that you can get here are in hefty amount too.

Angry Aberrant

The aberrant is one of the enemy targets that you can encounter while roaming around the outside islands. This actually has different variants in different locations. To start off, we will introduce first the angry aberrant.

To spot this target, you will have to go to the northeast region of the Feiyun Mountain. You can see the angry aberrant near the transmission gates. If you have reached this specific transmission gate and it is not there, just roam around the area and it will appear coming towards you. When you are about to face this beast, you have to make sure that you have high defense. An angry aberrant is in level 64 with high stamina, durability, and damage. Defeating it will give you a Heart of Summit.

Ex-Researcher Angry Aberrant

Just like the first one, the ex-researcher angry aberrant can be found near the transmission gate. It is important to know that they don’t have a regular or fixed spawn locations. However, you can check the places such as the Deserted Water Treatment Plant and Stone Mountain.

This beast is an elite enemy, hence its higher hp. It will surely take you some time to defeat this bad boy. But taking this down will give you an Institute Key Card, two Rockcore, and a Heart of Summit.

Ex-Researcher Lazy Aberrant

In the Deserted Water Treatment Plant, you can also find the ex-researcher lazy aberrant. It is a rocky-looking monster that will attack you once it sees you. It is indeed as tough as how it appears to be. You will have to deal continuous damage as it will also land attacks if it has a chance.

Defeating this type of aberrant will grant you one Landsource and three Rockcores.         

Lazy Aberrant

This one can easily be found in the Natural Dragon Tumulus. You can see this roaming around the area. Even though it is named lazy, it will still attack you without second thoughts as soon as it sees you.

Once you successfully defeat it, you will obtain two Rockcore and an Institute Key Card.

Bohemian Aberrant

The bohemian aberrant can be found in the northeastern part of the Rusty Iron Camp. It is a gigantic human-like creature, but the only difference is its limbs.

The most important to know about this enemy is that it is a very agile one. Having said that, running to evade its attacks won’t work as it can easily catch up to your speed.

Silver Helmet and Raging Fire

Before you can encounter these two, the Silver Helmet and the Raging Fire, you still have a lot of objectives to complete.

Starting off by collecting three fireflies and lighting up three fog-repellent light. By completing this, you will be able to obtain the rapid repair device that will be used to repair the broken laboratory door. After this, you have to collect Institute Key Card. A lot of traveling and island hopping is involved especially when you are about to find Permission Cards to use the transmission devices for different island locations.

The last location will be in the Diurnal Islet. Here, you will see the last transmission device guarded by these enemy targets. All you have to do is defeat both of them without losing or else you will fail tis part.

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