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Tower of Fantasy: Where to Use Dark Crystals

Dark Crystals is a special currency in Tower of Fantasy.




Tower of Fantasy has many currencies. You have gold that can be used in upgrading weapons, Nucleus which are Black, Gold, and Red to be used in the weapon banner, and Tanium, a premium currency that you can only get by using real money. Dark Crystals are used to redeem items in the store. We are going to teach you where you are going to use Dark Crystals.

Use Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

Dark Crystals can be obtained from achievements, exploring the map, and many more. There are renewable Dark Crystals, and these can be obtained in the 7-Day login reward, doing weekly activities, and the crew system.

There are also Dark Crystals in events and beginner rewards. As you start the game, you are going to use the Dark Crystals in the Red nucleus banner.

Use Dark Crystals in the Shop

You can use Dark Crystals to purchase items from the shop. They can also be used in pulling for the limited weapon banner, the gacha system that uses red nucleus.

There are 2 ways to access the shop:

On the upper right corner, you can find the shop icon. Press it and go to the HOT tab to see the offers you can purchase with Dark Crystals.

On the upper right corner, there is an icon of 3 hexagons and select the backpack. From there, find the currency tab and click on the market icon beside the amount of Dark Crystals to open the shop.

In the shop, you can buy the following using Dark Crystals:

  • The gold nucleus for 150 Dark Crystals
  • The red nucleus for 150 Dark Crystals
  • 10k Gold for 100 Dark Crystals
  • Identity update card for 300 Dark Crystals

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