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Tower of Fantasy: Gacha System Guide | Weapons, Gadgets, and Rates

The different banners and pity system of Tower of Fantasy.




A Gacha game is similar to loot boxes, which induces players to spend in-game currency to receive a random in-game item. Tower of Fantasy has a Gacha system, and this guide will help you learn more about this exciting feature.

Gacha System Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Before explaining the Gacha system in Tower of Fantasy, we must learn about its various in-game currencies.

  1. Rainbow Gems: obtained via real money
  2. Black Gems: obtained from events, dailies, achievements, and auction house
  3. Gold Orbs: used in drawing or pulling in the Gacha System
  4. Purple Orbs: used in the 2nd Weapon Gacha

The Gacha System in Tower of Fantasy

The Gacha System in Tower of Fantasy has 2 categories: the 2 types of Weapon Gacha and the Gadget Gacha.

The differences between the 2 Weapon Gacha banners are the different rates of SSR or SRS you can obtain. You can also get weapon ascension and enhancement materials in the Weapon Gacha.

The first weapon banner uses Gold Orbs to roll, and with each roll you do, you will get a material you can use to obtain an SSR weapon of your choice after pulling 80 times. This is called the Pity System.

The success rates for the First Weapon Gacha are as follow:

  • SSR: 2.2%
  • SR: 12.5%
  • R: 38.3%
  • Miscellaneous or ascension and enhancement materials

When getting an SSR pull, you will receive 1 of the 4 exclusive characters that come with their weapons and elements. These characters are like skins in the game and are only gained from the Gacha pull, not by the pity system.

The second Weapon Banner uses Purple Orbs, has no pity system. The following are the rates:

  • SSR: 0.3%
  • SR: 3.5%
  • R: 20%
  • Miscellaneous or ascension and enhancement materials

The next Gacha system is the Gadget Gacha. Below are the rates:

  • SSR: 1.8%
  • SR: 14%
  • R: 20%
  • Miscellaneous or gadget materials

After pulling 25 or more times, you will get a random SR Gadget box or SSR Gadget box.

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