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Tower of Fantasy: Top Tips for Crafting SSR Matrices | SSR Crafting Guide

Level up these buildings to craft SSR Matrices.




You will need to strengthen yourself while we wait for Tower of Fantasy’s 2.0 version update to go live.

Artificial Island was added to the game in version 1.5. It also has the Home system, where you may create an SSR Matrix and construct buildings on your very own Artificial Island. We’ll walk you through the process of creating SSR matrices.

Top Tips for Crafting SSR Matrices, SSR Crafting Guide in Tower of Fantasy

You can find SSR Matrices in the Tower of Fantasy by rolling in the Choice Matrices banner, doing Joint Operations, the World Boss Chest, Special Vouchers, Void Rifts, and the Matrix Store. Now that the Artificial Island has been included, you can craft an SSR Matrix.

SSR Matrices Crafting Guide

To create SSR Matrices, you must first unlock build mode. You must locate Developer logs and at the end speak with Kolador to activate build mode. You can construct buildings when in build mode. You should start by constructing the Development Center.


The resources that you need to upgrade a building can be obtained by defeating the enemies inside of your Artificial Island. There are 3 different enemies, Bosses, Mobs, and Wildlife. The Bosses will drop the main material in upgrading a building. They will spawn every 7 days.

Depending on where they spawn, mobs will drop various materials. Wildlife will also drop resource material. Both of them will spawn every 3 days.


Pawpaw House, Pumpkin House, Turtle House, and Kitty House should all be upgraded first. When you are ready to craft, each house has an SSR matrix. If you have a level 3 Development Center, you can start crafting.

Resources will come to you spontaneously through buildings. The amount of space a building can hold increases with the level. Because the level of the buildings cannot be higher than the level of the development center, you must upgrade the development center before you can upgrade your buildings.


When crafting, there are a lot of resources used. Even crafting it is not a guaranteed SSR Matrix. To increase your chances of getting an SSR Matrix, start crafting when your building reaches level 7.

These are the SSR Matrix Chip that you can craft from each house.

Turtle House

  • Coco Ritter SSR Matrix Chip
  • Zero SSR Matrix Chip

Machine Pod

  • King SSR Matrix Chip
  • Huma SSR Matrix Chip

Pumpkin House

  • Shiro SSR Matrix Chip
  • Meryl SSR Matrix Chip

Pawpaw House

  • Samir SSR Matrix Chip
  • Tsubasa SSR Matrix Chip

Kitty House

  • Crow SSR Matrix Chip
  • Meryl SSR Matrix Chip

Before planning what buildings you need to improve, choose which SSR Matrix Chip you wish to construct. At the very least, level-upgrade all the structures to 3. You can initially level up your Development Center and one building.

Visit your artificial island frequently to check up on your resources. Defeat the enemies to get more resources. Since they are few resources, only utilize them when absolutely necessary.

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