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Tower of Fantasy: Island Watch Silver Helmet Raging Fire

Learn about the Island Watch Silver Helmet and Island Watch Raging Fire Tower in this guide!




Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG game developed by Hotta Studio. Even though this game was already running for a year now, Hotta Studio still offers new features in the game. Some of these are the island watch silver helmet raging fire.

Many players are confused on how to start with this and how to proceed. To help you with that, we made this short guide to help you succeed in this game part.

Island Watch Silver Helmet Raging Fire in Tower of Fantasy

Source: WoW Quests

Your first goal here is to get three rapid repair devices. To be able to obtain that, you first have to collect three fireflies on the boats located in between the Island of Pins and Sea Horizon Stand. Proceed on swimming and observing the scattered boats and the raft near them if there are fireflies. You will notice that there are fireflies if you happen to see a yellow light.

Once you see fireflies on a boat, approach it and interact to collect firefly. Look for two more boats that have fireflies on them or near them until you successfully completed the three fireflies. After you successfully collected them, look for three lamps and light them up.

The lamps can also be seen on boats or near them. Simply go next it and interact to activate the light. These lamps that use firefly are called fog-repellent light. When you successfully activated all the fog-repellent light, a black nucleus will appear on top of a boat. This item is used as a rapid repair device. Simply look around, and you will see an arrow indicator of where it is located. Approach it and interact to obtain it.

For the second rapid repair device, go to the ocean in between the Broken Tooth Island and Feiyun Island. While the last piece can be found in between the Stranded Remains and Pavilion Beach. To obtain the two remaining rapid repair devices, just repeat the process starting from the collection of fireflies up to lighting up all the fog-repellent light.

After collecting all the rapid repair device pieces, check your backpack, go to missions, and you will see a black box called the Rapid Repair Device.

Use the Rapid Repair Device

Source: WoW Quests

In the Artificial Island, go to the eastern side of the Stone Mountain. Go inside the tent and look for the broken door. Approach and interact with it to repair the laboratory door.

However, you can only repair it if you have a tool set with you. To obtain one, go to the Adventure tab, then to Challenge tab, then proceed to the Crystal Dust Store that you can find at the lower left part of the screen. Look for a Fine Gift and purchase one. After buying, check your backpack and use the Fine Gift. You will see there a list of items in the general box, select the tool set.

With that, you can now repair the door.

Obtain Institute Key Card from Angry Aberrant

Source: WoW Quests

After the repair of the laboratory door, you must secure the institute key from the angry aberrant. The angry aberrant spawns randomly near the transmission gates.

If you have successfully found the angry aberrant, do your best to defeat it. It may take you a while in taking it down, though. As you finish him, you will automatically obtain the Institute Key Card.

Unlock North Gemini Island Teleport

Source: WoW Quests

From the tent where you repaired the laboratory door, look around and you will see a transmission device. Go to its center and Use Institute Key Card to activate the transmission device. Once it starts, go to the hologram-like center, and you will be teleported to the North Gemini Island.

Go to the South Gemini Island       

Source: WoW Quests

Since you have already reached the North of the Gemini Island, it’s time for you now to discover the South region of the Gemini Island.

From where you are spawned from the previous one, travel west and you will see a cliff on the other side. Glide your way to it and use the teleportation device.

Get Permission Card: Tyrone

From your starting point of the South Gemini Island, you will see a big mountain of rock. Do your best to climb it until you reach the top of the cliff.

As you reach the top of it, you will find a container-type of room with stuff inside. Enter that area until you reach the two boxes. Pick up the pass and go back to the north Gemini Island and go to Sea Horizon Stand.

Get Permission Card: Morris

From the starting point of the Sea Horizon Stand, you will also be facing a big rock mountain just like what you have seen in the South Gemini Island. Do your best to climb your way up again. Once you reach the top, you will encounter weak enemies that you have to deal with in order to pick up the pass.

After that, you should go to Listen to Earwyn Island. The easier way to do this is to transmit your character to Estuary. From there, cross the ocean to reach the Island of Pins. As you walk further, you will see a transmission device Use the Permission Card: Morris to activate it, and it will lead you to Listen to Earwyn island.

Get Permission Card: Damien

Among the other permission card, this one is the most different. You won’t have to climb a mountain. Just travel east and you will see a tower near the water. Fly to reach the top of it and you can get the permission card from there.

This time, you will use the permission card to go to Diurnal Islet. Look for the transmission device just above the cliff. However, you will need to repair the conveyor components first before you can use it. Look for all the damaged components before you proceed.

Island Watch Raging Fire Silver Helmet

Once you reach this island, look for the next transmission device at the top of the rock cliff. Remember not to rush to the transmission device, since there is where you will meet the two.

Fight and take the two watchers down. These two land serious attack damages and are as tough as you are. Having said that, it will surely take you a while in finishing them off.

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