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Tower of Fantasy: Which is The Best PvP Character | Character Tier List

There are a bunch of characters in Tower of Fantasy, but if you want to remain competitive in PVP, you need to pick the best character to use for that purpose.




In Tower of Fantasy, you will be using characters known as Simulacra for combat, be it for PVE or PVP purposes. However, not all of them are strong, as some perform well in the support role while some are mainly for dealing DPS. Also, some of them will require synergy with other characters while others don’t.

That said, if you prefer taking on PVP content in the game, then it’s only natural to go for the best character for that purpose. To help you with that, I have created this character tier list to help you decide.

Which is The Best PvP Character | Character Tier List in Tower of Fantasy

In this tier list, we won’t be going through all characters are there are lots of them. Instead, we’ll just focus on characters who belong to the S tier. These are those who you can consider the best to use in PVP. Let’s get started.


First on our tier list is Meryl due to her powerful kit. She has an attack where you hold left click to deal massive damage to your enemies’ stamina and stun them for a few seconds. This attack alone can take a huge chunk of your enemies’ HP, be it on PVE or PVP.

Another reason is because she has yet another powerful attack where she launches ice slashes that deal a ton of damage as well as stamina drain. It’s definitely quite powerful in PVP since you’ll be dealing damage to multiple players at once. She also has a passive where you gain an HP shield when switching to this weapon.

Lastly, her ultimate move is insanely strong in PVP. This ultimate allows you to lock onto a single player and slow down his movement significantly. This will then let you combo him to death as getting out of the zone will be rather hard.


Another PVP character that belongs to the S tier is Zero. His attacks deal Fire damage which inflicts DOT on the target and even reduces the amount of healing that the target receives. Not only that, but he also creates a shield that adds an extra layer of defense and even increases your attack.

Lastly, his ultimate has a wide area of effect and deals massive damage and even shielding him once more. This can be a pain to deal with, especially if you find yourself up against a Zero user in PVP.


Next we have Huma whose weapon is quite strong as it can inflict mini stuns which are annoying to deal with. Also, when she switches to axe form, her ultimate can deal a ton of damage to enemies in a huge area. However, what makes it even more insane is that it also creates a huge ring of fire that deals continuous damage to enemy players within its area.

Coco Ritter

The last one we have on this list is Coco Ritter. In case you’re wondering, Coco Ritter’s kit is quite overpowered. This is because it literally allows her to crowd control enemies infinitely provided she has enough stamina to do it.

What she basically does is hold the attack button after the third normal attack to activate this combo. She will then lift the target into the air and effectively stun him. This is actually a true combo where the only means of getting out is to dodge right before the attack triggers.

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