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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Tower’s Core Avatar Frame

Here is how to get a cool Avatar Frame for free!




Welcome to another guide about the Tower of Fantasy game. This time we will show you how to get to the Tower’s Core Avatar Frame and find the secret chest.

How To Get The Tower’s Core Avatar Frame – Step by Step

Have you ever wondered how to find the Tower’s Core Avatar Frame in Tower of Fantasy? Well, then you are in the right place.

The Tower’s Core avatar frame is located in the middle of the Aesperia region, all the way up on top of the tower of fantasy.

The first thing you will need to reach the goal is a suppressor at ver 4.5 so that the radiation does not affect the performance of your character.

Remember, the road to the top is long and your character will have to have a lot of strength. This is the right moment to use the infinite stamina that can be unlocked using the key combination “CTRL” (remember that you have to jump from the wall at the same time), double jump and “W”, then go forward and grab the wall again to activate infinite stamina.

If your character needs a rest, you can always find platforms on the way to the top and rest when you reach them.

Also, when you start approaching the very top of the tower of fantasy, you will need a jetpack to reach the highest platforms.

Using the jetpack is really simple, you don’t have to worry about how you will do it, and once when you get to the very top of the tower of fantasy you will find a secret chest. The secret chest will be in the form of a golden pot with an avatar frame inside. Congratulations, you have successfully found the Tower’s Core avatar frame.

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