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Tower of Fantasy: Character Customization Guide

Tower of Fantasy has a pretty decent character customization feature that lets you create your perfect anime character pretty easily.




Tower of Fantasy is the new anime-inspired open-world action RPG that’s set out to set this summer. And what most fans of anime and RPGs would expect, the game actually lets you customize your character to your liking.

What’s more, the game’s character creation screen comes with a decent amount of customization options to help you create the ultimate anime character.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about how you can customize your character and some tips to help you out.

Character Customization Guide in Tower of Fantasy

The character creation screen basically lets you change a lot of aspects of your character. These include the shape, size, facial features, hairstyle, outfit, and more. Suffice to say, the character creation screen alone will take up a huge portion of your game time, and there’s no shame in that.

That said, here’s how you can use the character customization feature:

To start, simply launch the game and then head over to the Presets button which you can find in the upper right section of the section. Doing so will take you to the character creation screen where you can customize your character, also called Wanderer, before playing.

After getting into the character creation screen, you should be able to pick between a male and a female character. Also, you can find five presets on this page as well as a custom preset where you can add your own.

Simply pick your preferred gender, and customize your character even further in the following tabs:


Here, you will find three sections namely Accessory, Outfit, and Shape. In the Outfit section, you can pick from five preset clothing which you can further customize by changing their colors. You have the option to customize individual parts by clicking Custom and messing with the parts’ sliders.

After that, you can head over to the Accessory tab where you can find three main options: an eyepatch, a headband, or goggles. Unfortunately, there’s not much of a customization option in this section.

Then there’s the Shape section that lets you customize your character’s physique. Male characters can choose from up to 23 skin tones while female characters have 24. Unfortunately, there’s no color slider available as they are all pre-determined.

Regardless of that, there are sliders for bust size as well as head and neck size which are pretty decent options.


This tab simply lets you pick from a handful of hair presets for both male and female characters. There are also five different accessories you can apply if you want. There’s an option that lets you customize the color of your character’s hair via a color wheel or a custom color picker.

Facial Features

The Facial Features tab is by far the most in-depth section in the character creation screen. Here, you can customize your character’s face based on your liking.

In the Face tab, you can find six presets which you can then further customize. You have seven different parts that have their own sliders. There’s face size, chin, cheekbones, lower jaw, lower cheeks, and lower lip. Since all of them use a circular slider, you can basically customize how your character’s face would like down to the most minute details.

The Eyes tab is also quite extensive, with options for customizing your eye shape, eyebrows, eyeballs, and enhanced eyes. The first three are pretty much self-explanatory while the enhanced eye section lets you pick from a handful of anime-inspired additions. These include effects like rays, hearts, or spirals.

There’s also the Nose tab which is quite different between males and females. For male characters, you can pick from three different noses and adjust the height, nose bridge shape, width, and pointiness. However, female characters only have one nose option with sliders for nose curvature, pointiness, and height.

The Mouth tab is as straightforward as the Nose where you can adjust its height, curvature, mouth positioning, and a few other aspects.

The last one is the Accessories tab where you can add optional accessories to your character’s face. These come in things like hearts, bandages, as well as flushing effects. You also have the option to even further customize each accessory and pick the color that you prefer.

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