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Tower of Fantasy: Wormhole Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Learn about the Wormhole before attempting to challenge it.




Tower of Fantasy is in its second week, and there are tons of game modes that are unlocked; players can now receive the main story mission for the Warren Region. One of the new game modes is the Wormhole. We are going to teach you all you will need to learn about Wormhole here.

Wormhole Guide in Tower of Fantasy

The Wormhole in Tower of Fantasy can be accessed through the Adventure icon. It is on the left side of the Shop icon, on the upper right of the screen. When you are in the Adventure window, pick the fourth section, Challenge.

You will then see the Wormhole, which can be unlocked when you reach level 41. The Wormhole gives the Violet Energy Crystal Dust as a reward. This can be used in the shop to redeem Super Rare (SR) gear rarity.

Wormhole Guide

The Wormhole is like a labyrinth where you are going to find rift energy until the progress bar reaches 100%. Before starting a Wormhole floor, elemental weak points of enemies are shown, and it is advisable to use this to your advantage.

Here is more information you should know about Wormhole:

  • The amount of Violet Energy Crystal Dust you receive is based on the number of floors you can complete.
  • There are items found inside the Wormhole, don’t miss them!
  • HP will be carried over to the next level, so pay close attention to your HP.
  • When the progress of the Wormhole reaches 0%, you are going to lose HP.
  • Powerful enemies drop Blessing Runes, or stackable buffs to help you.
  • Each cleared floor gives a point. Accumulate these points to obtain rewards like Gold Nucleus and many more.

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