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Tower of Fantasy: Collector Signal Quest Walkthrough

Use omnium beacons and claim rewards.




As you reach the daily limit for the XP in Tower of Fantasy, there are only a few things you can do. You can do world exploration and complete a region, use vitality with Joint Operations, or complete the missions in the Omnium Beacon. We are going to show you how to use the collector signal found in the beacon.

Collector Signal Quest Walkthrough in Tower of Fantasy

The Omnium Beacon in Tower of Fantasy is one of the daily activities you can run by spending 30 Vitality. You can unlock it when you reach level 28.

Go to the Adventure menu by clicking on the icon on the right side of the Shop. Choose the Select tab to see the Omnium Beacon.

You can spend 30 Vitality for an Omnium Collector, which you can then deploy anywhere on the map. You must wait 24 hours to obtain the rewards.

Rewards come in 3 qualities: Blue, Purple, and Orange. You can obtain a Collector Signal when you claim an Omnium Collector close to another player.

Collector Signal

The Collector Signal is an item that can be used to track down your and other players’ Omnium Collector. Yes, you can also collect other players’ Omnium Collectors.

When your collector is stolen, you can only receive partial rewards, depending on the amount of time the collector was able to extract before someone stole it.

But if your friend or a crew member will obtain it for you, both of you are going to receive all the rewards. You can also use this mechanic to interact with people by stealing their collectors. When you steal someone’s collector, your name is shown on their screens.

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