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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Inside Gemini Island

Head to one of the new islands in the game.




The 1.5 update of Tower of Fantasy brings us a new character to use and new areas to unlock. To reach these new islands, you must first complete some quests. One of these islands is Gemini Island, and we are going to show you how to get inside it.

How to Get Inside Gemini Island

Head to Artificial Island, and the first thing you need to do there is to obtain 3 Rapid Repair Devices by completing the Firefly puzzles in 3 locations.

These are from the Southeast of Broken Tooth Island, South of Stranded Remains, and East of Island of Pins. Find abandoned ships that have lamps on them and complete the Firefly puzzle.

Teleporting to Gemini Island

Proceed to the location indicated by a yellow circle in the picture above after completing all of the Firefly puzzles. Repair the broken machine inside the tent with a tool set.

Get an Institute Key Card from the Angry Aberrant, it spawns randomly near Transmission Gates. Keep in mind that it’s an agile monster, so be careful as you deal with one.

At the back of the tent is a teleporter; use the Institution Key Card on it to teleport to North Gemini Island.

Go straight until you see another teleporter on the other side of the island. Use it to teleport to South Gemini Island. On top of the mountain with thorns is the Permission Card: Tyrone.

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