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Tower of Fantasy: How to Defuse the First, Second and Third Bomb.

Tower of Fantasy utilizes many gimmicks to keep the game engaging. One of the things they use are mini-games to change things up and gives you the option to play these games as you take a break from the grind.




 That’s well and good that they give you choices to either do a mini-game to laze the time away but what if the mini-game is part of the story quest?

With the game finally Online Globally, there are a few of us who are having a hard time on how to complete one of the story missions. And that’s the bomb-defusing mission.

How to defuse the First, Second and Third Bomb in Tower of Fantasy

First Bomb

The Bomb Defusing Mission is part of the main story located at the Hykros City Base. The game mechanics require you to do a mini-game where you launch your pliers to try to cut the green wire.

Position your wire far from the red wires and launch the pliers. This game is sort of like the claw game on the arcade where you operate a claw to hook yourself a cute furry stuffed animal. Lucky for us, this one is way easier than the claw game for the first and second one at least.

Second Bomb Diffusal Positioning

For those who are having problems with the second bomb, here’s an image of where you should position your pliers. It’s a bit of a tight fit but that’s to be expected on the second level.

Third Bomb Difusal Positioning

For the third bomb, there would be electric spheres roaming from left to right making it a bit tricky. The image above is your sweet spot where you should launch your pliers.

As the first electric sphere almost exits to the right and the lower sphere is about to enter your drop area. Tap or click on the launch button. If you follow the image and instructions above, you would be able to pass this stage and move on to the next.

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