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Tower of Fantasy: Find and Destroy Grayspace Entity’s True Body Guide

Find the true body to complete the quest




Thanks to the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 version update, a new main story quest is available. This also introduces a brand-new region called Vera. This new area is situated in dry terrain. It includes a new city, mobs, enemies, and many other things.

You will be given the objective to defeat the Grayspace Entity as soon as you begin the main story quest in Vera. We’ll demonstrate how to overcome it for you.

Find and Destroy Grayspace Entity’s True Body Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: ZaFrostPet

When you begin the main story mission in Vera, a new foe known as Grayspace Entities will appear. They are space-capable enemies. You will run into a strong whale-like Grayspace Entity in Mirroria.

Scare them off with the assistance of Lin, Ruby, and a few imitations so you can go to Mirroria, a metropolis built like a pyramid out of cyberspace. How to defeat it will be revealed later in the quest when you run into another Grayspace Entity.

Destroying the Grayspace Entity’s True Body

This enemy can be found in the mission where Samir and Huma are searching for Grayspace Entities’ eggs. The adversary will initially split. To defeat it when it separates, you must locate its true body.

A fake body won’t be hurt if you strike it. You can rapidly locate the real body by using a ranged weapon. You will be asked to go back to the location where there are Grayspace Entities Eggs after you defeat the adversary.

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