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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get to Mysterious Tetriso Ruins Floating Island

Challenging as it may seem, there’s always a way to reach the twin Floating Island.




As you progress and continue on the journey of exploring the world in Tower of Fantasy, you had, most probably, heard or even got the chance to set your foot already on one of the Scenic Points—the Mysterious Tetriso Ruins.

Upon arriving at the Mysterious Tetriso Ruins, you will notice the two large chunks of rock floating. In an open-world game like the Tower of Fantasy, leaving these islands unexplored would be such a shame since it might just hold some rare items or collectibles.

It may be a wonder to some what kind of mystery the Tetriso Ruins do hold for its name but, in the moment, it might be wise to say that knowing how to land on those twin islands appeals to more players. In that case, here’s a little tip for you!

How to Get to the Floating Island in Mysterious Tetriso Ruins

Seeing how the islands are suspended in the air, would mean that there’s only one way for you to get there: go up.

There is always a good result out of being resourceful and this the same goes for using your surroundings at your advantage when fighting, completing quests, and even on trying to get a hold of an island high up in the sky. The island’s height from the land makes it unlikely that a person could jump it. Therefore, you could try climbing a higher location and start trying from there.

For instance, with the aid of your equipment and gears, you could try climbing the dodecahedron-shaped Mysterious Tetriso Ruins Spacerift.

Utilize Your Gear and Equipment

After settling yourself on a more elevated platform, this would be the best opportunity to try reaching the floating island. But, you must not get too ahead of yourself and try jumping onto the island at once. You might be on the disadvantaged side if you do this bare-handed; remember that you always have your gears and equipment to rely on.

From the top of the dodecahedron structure, following the aforementioned situation, you could try boosting yourself. Then, using your jetpack, launch yourself towards the island. Although it might take a little while to reach it, the island would be, at least, in the reach of your hands.

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