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Tower of Fantasy: Sandy Rats Homecoming Puzzle Guide

Guide these Sandy Rats to their homes to obtain a reward




Recently, Tower of Fantasy released version 2.0. In the updated edition, additional characters like Ruby are added to the game. She presently appears in the limited banner. Vera, a new area, is also included in the revision.

Vera is a desert region with numerous new bosses and adversaries. Additionally, Vera is the only place where you may get brand-new puzzles.

We’ll walk you through how to solve the Sandy Rats Homecoming puzzle, one of the challenges you might run into.

Sandy Rats Homecoming Puzzle Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: Mobile Game

The Tower of Fantasy contains a lot of puzzles. Some are simple, like the Chowchow plant, where all you have to do to get a reward is locate a water core and throw it into its mouth. After finishing a puzzle, you will acquire gold or a black nucleus.

The game’s Gacha system can then be used with these. The regular banner is for the gold nucleus. In contrast, the weapon materials and perhaps an SSR weapon are for the black nucleus. To solve the puzzle, you must deliver a Sandy Rat to its residence.

Solving the Sandy Rats Homecoming Puzzle

Credits: Mobile Game

These glittering mounds might be found while exploring the Vera. This indicates that a lost Sandy Rat exists. You must return it to its place of origin.

You just need to follow this unique flora to find it. The Sandy Rats set these up to indicate their route home.

A Sandy Rat you find will stick with you. Take it with you to its abode. Simply follow the unique flora identified on the ground if you get lost. You will receive a black nucleus payment once you successfully guide it back to its nest.

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