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Tower of Fantasy: How to get Support Points | Support points Guide

Spending your Vitality on the game’s multiplayer content is part of your daily to-do list. But, did you know you can still get rewards after spending that vitality?




If you head over to the store you would see different places to spend those hard-earned tokens. And in one of those tabs, you would notice the support shop.

The support points or tokens are currency the game gives you when helping out fellow wanderers. And before you start gifting unused items to newbies and expect these points to come in, that’s not how it works.

Guide on how to get Support Points in Tower of Fantasy

You get Support Points by playing multiplayer content in the game. World boss, joint operations, and Dimensional Trials.

The easiest way to farm support points after you spent all your Vitality is to do the dimensional trial. It’s a lot faster than world boss or the joint operation.

Do your farming at Dimensional Trials

While foregoing the spending of vitality points for opening chest rewards, this gives you 150 support points per run.

The max cap limit for support points is 1500 points per day. Spending a few extra minutes each day to farm these support points can be very beneficial, especially for free-to-play players.

By collecting these tokens, you can spend them at the token shop for gold, relics and mount materials.

Here’s a tip on spending support chips. Prioritize acquiring 10 Black nucleus and the 3 joint supply chip each week. That are the only worthwhile items to buy at the support shop. Once they’re sold out, then you can buy the items that you need but it’s strongly recommended to save those for these 2 items only.

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