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Tower of Fantasy: How to get a free SSR Character

The game is officially Up and right now we are in the pre-download stage and waiting for the official start of the much-awaited Tower of Fantasy Global Launch.




 A few days ago, Tower of Fantasy announced their Global event and one thing that we were most keen on was if the Game would be giving us a FREE SSR Selector.

In the announcement on their official announcement a few days ago, one of their events, the Starpath Navigation, would be giving a free SSR Weapon box. In most GACHA-themed Games nowadays, if they start a new game it is usually a given that they would give away at least 1 SSR Collector item for you to start with.

How to get the free SSR Selector in Tower of Fantasy

An SSR Weapon box guarantees you an SSR Weapon. When activated, it gives you a RANDOM SSR Weapon. An SSR Selector, however, lets you pick the SSR character or weapon from the game draw pool.

Good thing Tower of Fantasy came out with an announcement on their launch page. Instead of an SSR Weapon Box like their last announcement, the Starpath Navigation Event Rewards would be an “SSR Weapon of your choice”. So that’s official now, a SSR Selector is one of the prizes for this event.

To get this, you need to complete the Newcomer Event, that’s the Ecological Station Intruders storyline on your quest. Once you complete that, the rewards page could be accessed and you would do the specific objectives for you to unlock the rewards.

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