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Tower of Fantasy: All Sandstorm Ground Scenic Points Locations

Obtain dark crystals by locating all of the scenic points




After the 2.0 version upgrade, Vera, the new region in Tower of Fantasy, is finally accessible. This also includes new antagonists, bosses, and possibly more, in addition to the main quest’s progression. New puzzles may also be encountered.

You can find new Scenic Points in the new area. We’ll demonstrate where you may find each Scenic Point in Sandstorm Ground.

All Sandstorm Ground Scenic Points Locations in Tower of Fantasy

You receive 20 Dark Crystals and 20 Exploration Points for each Scenic Point you unlock. Red nucleus, which can be utilized in the limited weapon banner, is purchased using Dark Crystals.

Your overall world exploration progress for that region will increase due to the exploration points. The Sandstorm Ground has six scenic locations.

All Sandstorm Ground Scenic Points to be Found

The locations of the six scenic points in the Sandstorm Ground are all listed here.

Silvercoast Research Station

The Silvercoast Research Station’s scenic point can be found here on the map.

You may notice the scenic point in the middle of some cacti and the road facing the research station.


Visit this location, then climb the building


On top of the structure, you can get Mirroria’s scenic point.


To find the “Oasis'” scenic vantage point, go here. While facing the Oasis, you may locate the scenic point in the center of the desert.

Mirroria Outpost

Visit this location near Mirroria Outpost.

To earn the scenic point for this place, climb atop the pillar.

Crimson Oasis

Navigate to the map’s bottom left corner.

Before you reach the top of the slope, you may locate the scenic point for the Crimson Oasis.

Mirroria Loop

Head to this spot the northwest of Silent Oasis.

On the road that leads to Mirroria, there is a scenic point for Mirroria Loop.

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